Core personnel



james - Xingyu Yang

- University of California - Riverside 20'

- 3rd year Bachelor of Business Administration concentrate in Finance

- Co-founder of GoldenCrowfinance

- Intern at UpWealth management as z Partnership Manager

- 3 years of investing experience



Tommy - Zhonghao Chen

- University of Oregon 20’

- 4th year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture - Portfolio Architecture minor | Entrepreneurship minor

- Intern at Hengyu construction project management, LLC -Shenzhen

- Served as public relation team leader at UO ACCA (Asian Culture Communication Association)

- Served as treasurer at UO CASL (Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Living)


Team Members

Partnership Manager

Partnership Manager

Daniel Kennedy

- Founder and CEO of Kennedy’s Realty International

Operation Officer

Operation Officer

LCpl Ryan Sappenfield

- 4 years in Marine