T&J Brothers' group is founded by two best friends. Our main office is based in Los Angeles.

Our story began in 2015, where we met in college and soon became best friends. We are in two totally different fields of study-- one from business school, and one from design school, but we always dream big and chase after what we want. One day, Chen decided that he wanted to become a real estate developer, as he greatly looked up to his father. Yang always had a passion for investments, and becoming a businessman, just like his grandfather. In early 2018, we decided to do something. We started to study hard, read more books, and planned to open a company. In 2019, we started our new journey, T&J Brothers' Group.

We are currently raising a good amount of capital to fund our very first project, which we are planning to start in Summer 2019. We will keep refining this plan to make it the best as it can be. In the first three years of our company, we will develop and renovate 2-3 properties in Southwest California, and the Portland, Oregon. Our vision is to be a part of one of the biggest development companies in California within the next 10 years. We will hire the best construction managers, properties and facilities managers, and agents and brokers in order to provide the best customer services for our property buyers and clients.

We are not only viewing our goals from the lens of development, but we are aiming to help provide a more affordable and sustainable housing option for people.

— Pamela Pang, CPA
“Tommy, one of the co-founder, is very friendly, and I decided to help them success”
— Hengyu Construction Project Management, LLC
“Aspirant, promising and trustful”
— Angie Wong